INQUIRO is a interactive web service for events

The intuitive design and the smooth online access guarantees a maximum of usability on any device.


Create live polls instantly and get in touch with your audience.


Let your audience share anonymously what they think. Answer their questions and discover the key topics.


Easy real-time management of your news, sponsors, speakers, slides and other media to make in-depth information accessible to your attendees.


Show your audience who is on board. Tell more about interesting people and provide an excellent platform for you sponsors.


Everything is online. Inquiro just links your content and you are ready to go. Share videos, presentations, PDF, e-posters and more.


All INQUIRO content, can be shown on 4 seperate webstreams. As well you can embedd linked content, like YouTube videos, Pictures, PDF, SSL-certified content in general.

EASY to use

Intuitive design, easy access and maximum of compatibility are INQUIROs key features.

Fast Connection

The software is optimized for mobile use and runs with a minimum of dataload. Offline servers for LAN use will be offered soon.


All Connections are SSL-encrypted and your audience can use INQUIRO absolutely anonymously.

Your Vision

Sometimes you need unique solutions with special functionality and design. Dont hesitate to ask us for a way - We are problem solvers.

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Discover the INQUIRO universe

Every event is different - INQUIRO ships with a broad range of functionality to cover almost any use case.

get anonymous feedback

and honest questions from your audience

use up to 4 ON AIR channels

and switch over to almost every online content

embed YouTube, Vimeo, PDF, websites, pictures,

social media wall, SWIPE, livestreams and more

get in touch with your audience

Inquiro provides the easiest way to do so

display important information

and manage your digital signage with inquiro

moderators can easily monitor incomming questions

and put them ON AIR with one click

share all important event data online

and change them instantly, if you need to

get individualized look and feel of the application

like we did here for SIEMENS

Contact & Pricing

INQUIROs pricing depends on your selection of modules for your specific use case, existing on-site Wi-Fi infrastructure and eventually the time of usage.
Please contact us for further information or demo access.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.